Biotechnological Expertise

You want to improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your biogas plant?

Our experienced team of biologists, chemists, and engineers can support you with its expert knowledge of all matters relating to biogas and develop solutions specifically adapted to meet your requirements. Our engineering laboratory is equipped with numerous pilot and demonstration digestion and fermentation units for testing a wide range of methods for utilisation of biomass under close-to-practical conditions.

Our programme includes: 

  • Analysis of substrate for quality and biogas potential
  • Fermenter analyses for relevant key parameters and assessment of process stability
  • Evaluation of digestates
  • Method and process development
  • Determination of the calorific value of biomasses
  • Biogas composition including trace gases
  • Static and dynamic fermentation tests

Substrate analysis

The quality and composition of the substrates are of critical importance for biogas production.
Our analytical services for evaluation of substrates for biogas generation:

  • Static and dynamic fermentation tests for determination of biogas yield,
    biogas quality, and fermentation behaviour
  • Determination of the silage-acidification spectrum and assessment of silage quality
  • Chemical characterisation of substrates and consultation regarding suitability
    and quantities to be used
  • Method and process development

Fermenter analysis

Trouble-free fermentation and long-term process stability are fundamental prerequisites for cost-effective operation of a biogas plant. We monitor all relevant parameters in our evaluation of process biology: 

  • pH value
  • Content of water, dry matter, and organic dry matter
  • Determination of individual volatile organic acids
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen content (NH4-N)
  • Buffer capacity (FOS/TAC)
  • Conductivity and salt content
  • Determination of relevant micro- and macronutrients and assessment of trace element supply
  • Biogas composition including relevant trace gases (e.g. hydrogen sulphide)

Digestate analysis

It is very important to ensure a balanced supply of nutrients to crops when spreading digestates as fertilisers. In the interests of optimum fertilisation planning, PFI can determine the fertiliser value of your digestates. Depending upon the substrate used (e.g. biowastes), digestates may be subject not only to the Fertiliser Regulation but also to the Biowaste Ordinance. Analytical services:

  • pH value
  • Dry matter content
  • Total nitrogen content
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen content (NH4-N)
  • Nutrient contents of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus (K2O, MgO, CaO, P2O5)
  • Determination of basic substances
  • Determination of trace elements and pollutants 

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