Austrian Ecolabel

Environmental Protection and Quality as Primary Goals

The Austrian Ecolabel is awarded to products or services, tourism companies, and restaurants, as well as schools and out-of-school educational institutions. It provides the public with information about the environmental impact of consumer goods through their manufacture, use, and disposal. It draws the attention of consumers and buyers to environmentally friendly alternative products.

Products bearing the ecolabel are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the highest ecological, health, and quality standards. Certification signifies quality, environmentally compatible product design, durability, fitness for purpose, and conformance with standards. The ecolabel is awarded for a duration of four years.

Certification with the Austrian ecolabel makes it easier for manufacturers and distributors to obtain other government ecolabels (e.g. the Blue Angel).

PFI tests footwear and footwear-relevant materials for compliance with the requirements of the Austrian ecolabel. PFI expertise are generally recognised for certification. In addition, PFI provides support in preparation of the necessary documentation and applications.

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