Biotechnological Development

At PFI, biotechnological processes are employed for material and energetic utilisation of renewable raw materials. A major focus is on anaerobic fermentation of biomass to generate biogas.

We offer biogas plant operators a wide range of analytical and competent advisory services, extending from substrate selection via process control all the way to avoidance and rectification of process-biological malfunctions.

Our current focus is on the ongoing development of biotechnological methanation for use in P2G plants and on other key integrated energy technologies (electricity, gas, heat, transport). Appropriate plants are constructed and tested at Pirmasens-Winzeln Energy Park.


  • Assessment of the quality of silages and other input substrates for the biogas process
  • Monitoring and assessment of the process biology of biogas plants
  • Assessment of the nutrient status and consultation regarding an adequate trace element supply
  • Advising biogas plant operators regarding troubleshooting and optimisation of biogas production
  • Static and dynamic fermentation tests on biomass fractions for determination
    of the biogas potential
  • Advice and support regarding the design and approval of biogas plant
  • Design and planning of biogas upgrading plants and biogas feed-in units
  • Development of location-adaptedbiorefinery designs (biogenic material flows, material and energetic utilisation, energy self-sufficiency, regional value creation, etc.)
  • Development and planning of energy parks for integrated energy (electricity, gas, heat, transport)
  • Optimisation of sludge treatment at sewage plants by nutrient recovery (e.g. phosphorus and ammoniacal nitrogen) and enhancement of the digester gas potential (high-load digestion, thermal pressure hydrolysis, etc.)

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