PFI s experts at the coalface both at the Pirmasens headquarters and at the globally positioned subsidiaries offer a huge range of services in the areas of testing technology research development and certification We undertake objective and impartial testing analysis and assessment of materials and products At the International Shoe Competence Center ISC we offer seminars and further education programmes for the dissemination of practical professional knowledge of relevance for the footwear and leather goods industry Our Range of Services Includes Testing In our accredited laboratories we analyse the chemical physical and microbio logical properties of materials and products according to standardised or specifically devel oped test protocols As an accredited inspection body we also offer a world wide goods and production monitoring service our inspectors are publicly appointed and duly sworn specialists In the area of biotechnology we monitor process stability trace element status and gas yield for biogas plant operators Research We conduct practically relevant research for example on material and ener getic utilisation of biomass and generation of methane from residual and waste materials Other key research areas are footwear engineering and orthopaedic technology with a major focus on solutions for people with limited mobility and on the safety and comfort of workwear Development We develop design and produce customer specific measuring testing and production equipment including the necessary hardware and software from func tional specification document all the way to finished machine As specialist for innovative solutions in the footwear and leather industry we can offer you a wide range of standard test equipment for footwear leather and textiles Certification As a EU notified certification body we award the CE and GS mark for var ious product groups We also certify the quality management energy management and environmental management systems of your company and your social standards Extensive Portfolio of Services www pfi germany de 4 5

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