Wide ranging Activities of PFI Diverse Industrial Know how For the past 60 years the widely acclaimed Test and Research Institute Pirmasens has been testing certifying and conducting research and development work on a wide range of materials and semi finished and finished products for industry commerce government agencies and consumer organisations We can support you in making your products better safer and more efficient whether during the design develop ment or production phase in logistics or in quality assurance Some 100 highly qualified scientists engineers and laboratory technicians are involved in the chemical physical biomechanical and microbiological examination of your goods As an accredited testing and certification body we are concerned with footwear leather goods and textiles orthopaedic products and medical devices personal protective equipment plastics and adhesives automotive interiors toys sports articles as well as to materials coming into contact with foodstuffs In the area of collaborative research we initiate and undertake industry related research projects with the support of research organisations such as the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations AiF and the Zuse Association Our many research areas include footwear engineering and orthopaedic technology biogas thermal pressure hydrolysis and renewable energy We will gladly place our huge wealth of knowledge and experience from 60 years of research activity at your disposal and support you in your application for funding and in the execution of your project

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