Ladies and Gentlemen Stagnation is tantamount to regression Thanks to its research testing and certifica tion activities during the past six decades PFI has amassed a huge body of knowledge in all matters relating to footwear and established an enviable international reputation in this area At the same time we have persistently strived to broaden our research base and to venture into new fields of endeavour such as biotechnology and optimum utilisation of renewable energy resources Our wide ranging activities in the areas of testing certification inspection and engineering constitute a platform affording us a considerable degree of freedom in the way we design and execute our projects and transform our ideas into reality for example in the commissioning of industrial research plants These factors will continue to determine our future course of action In close collab oration with the footwear leather goods and textile industries we shall expand our knowledge base and our range of services In the area of biotechnology shall we pur sue research into innovative solutions such as the power to gas pilot plant and thus help to advance highly promising technologies in the renewable energy sector Yours sincerely Dr Kerstin Schulte Institute Director of PFI Welcome to PFI Your Partner for Research Product Testing and Certification

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