QVH ConformCert

Certification of Providers in the Healthcare Sector

QVH ConformCert is a certification system developed with the goal of certifying the ability to comply with important statutory requirements. It is based on a clearly defined, transparent, and practical set of rules, the requirements of which are summarised in a checklist and refer to specific legal and contractual provisions such as medical device legislation, occupational health and safety legislation, or the Federal German Data Protection Act.

The principal focus is on practical proof of compliance with specified requirements and not proof of a documented management system or compliance with certain operational quality management processes. This makes it possible to limit the amount of testing required for certification to a certain level. The QVH ConformCert certificate confirms that important statutory provisions are met, and that the assessed companies are appropriately qualified and competent and are well managed.

PFI is licenced by the Quality Association for Medical Aids (Qualitätsverbund Hilfsmittel e.V., QVH) for the QVH ConformCert certification model and can certify companies working in the medical aids sector according to this model.

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