Schuh Siegel®

The PFI has developed its own Schuh Siegel® specifically for the footwear industry. The tests for harmful substances go far beyond legal requirements. Further test criteria are comfort in wear, quality of workmanship, and fit. This label is a valuable orientational aid for the consumer. And a powerful selling point for the manufacturer.

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Testing for harmful substances
The use of chemicals is essential during the production of shoes and shoe materials. For the safety of consumers and the protection of the environment, certain substances must be used only in limited quantities or completely banned. For this reason, the production process has to be controlled carefully and only ecologically compatible materials should be used. Manufacturers and retailers who take these requirements seriously can document their efforts by applying for the PFI Schuh Siegel®.

This label guarantees manufacturers, retailers, and consumers that, according to the current state of research and technology, the product will not be harmful to the health of its user and has been tested for legally regulated harmful chemical substances and much more.

Workmanship Quality, Safety and Comfort
Customers cannot judge, at first sight, whether a product meets the requirements for the high demands of daily use or whether the quality of workmanship is up to standard. Besides the fashion criteria, workmanship quality and fit are very important aspects when buying footwear. Only shoes that are tested for a perfect fit are Schuh Siegel® certified.

The PFI Schuh Siegel® test requirements can also include quality tests for outsoles and upper materials, colour fastness, aspects of breathability, comfort, as well as safety aspects such as the PFI heel fatigue test on ladies’ fashion shoes.

On-Site Inspection
Our inspectors check production on-site to ensure that only acceptable products reach consumers. All inspectors are technicians or engineers with many years of profound experience in footwear production and quality control.

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