Impartiality of the certification body


The certification body of the PFI acts according to the principle of impartiality.

It provides certification services to all interested clients under equal conditions based on documented procedures and defined cost rates. The principle of equal treatment is strictly applied when processing client enquiries and client orders.

The top management and staff of the certification body are free from commercial, financial and other influences that could affect their impartiality. They are committed to impartiality, objectivity and confidentiality in the conduct of their activities. They shall be impartial in relation to the clients, certified organisations and individuals.

The entire staff of the PFI - including the permanent staff of the certification body - does not provide consultancy on management systems in the accredited scopes. The certification body does not provide training for individual companies and does not conduct internal audits of clients. The certification body of the PFI does not certify the certification activities of other certification bodies.

The objectivity, confidentiality and impartiality of certification activities and decisions shall not be compromised by related bodies or cooperation with other bodies, organisations or persons. If impartiality is compromised, certification shall not be carried out.

The Committee for Ensuring of Impartiality assists the certification body in drawing up basic regulations on the impartiality of its activities, in averting of any tendencies on the part of the certification body, commercial or otherwise, which inhibit the permanent objective evaluation of activities by the certification body, and in advising on matters affecting the confidence in certification.

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