Individualized seminar: Insights into our custom-made training courses

From December 5th to 8th, 2023, we welcomed one of our long-standing customers to the training rooms of the ISC department. Within four days, the participants were taught the basics of shoe production in both theory and practice. This also includes practical work on the so-called "learning factory", which is used for training purposes, sample production and testing new production methods. Exciting insights into the chemical and physical laboratory were also part of the customer's individual training plan. This gave the participants a deeper insight into the analysis processes and quality controls that are crucial in the production of high-quality shoes.

"Our aim is not only to impart theoretical knowledge to our customers, but also to provide practical insights that offer added value for their daily work," explains Steffen Eichhorn, head of the ISC department. "The footwear industry is dynamic and requires continuous innovation. Our customized training programs reflect this approach and support our customers in staying up to date."

Our company-specific training courses do not only enhance employees' skills, but also strengthen their team spirit. This is also reflected in the reactions of the participants, as they do not only benefit from the tailored training, but also from the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts in the industry and gain new perspectives.

Customized company training courses can take place all year round and are planned and implemented together with our experts. You have the chance to start the new year with individual training for your employees.

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