Cooperation for science

The latest partnership of the Rhineland-Palatinate institute offers great potential as well. The visit of the delegation from the Czech Tomas Bata University in Zlín was dedicated to the exchange with the experts of the testing and research institute in Pirmasens.

For several decades, the PFI in Pirmasens has benefited from cooperation with competent partners. "The exchange with experts from other, often international, institutions contributes significantly to the success of our research results and is always a delightful affair," says Dr. Kerstin Schulte.

The head of the PFI welcomed a three-member delegation from Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic to the Rhineland-Palatinate research institution. Among them was Dr. Tomáš Sáha, the director of the renowned Footwear Research Centre, which is an important part of the Czech university. The Centre's research focus, similar to that of the ISC (International Shoe Competence Center), is among other things on medical technology and sensor technology in shoes. Therefore, there are some promising opportunities for cooperation.

After a tour of the PFI's advanced laboratories and factories, Dr Tatjana Hubel presented DiaSHOE and DiaCVET, current PFI projects, which attracted great interest from the visitors. The scientists from the two institutions then addressed the potential for joint cooperation. "In the future, joint projects are conceivable in the context of materials, shoe and testing technology, but also in sensor technology or in projects on the topic of recycling and sustainability," reports Ronny Weis, head of department at the ISC, "and personnel exchange programmes are also under discussion."

We are pleased about the successful meeting and the interesting exchange with Dr. Tomáš Sáha and his colleagues Jarmila Roubínková and Ivana Bartoníková.

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