DIN EN ISO 20863:2018: Footwear - Test Methods for Stiffeners and Toe Puffs - Bondability

In August 2018 the new standard DIN EN ISO 20863 will be published. It will replace the current version DIN EN ISO 20863:2005-03.

The updated standard specifies a method for determining the bondability of heat- and solvent-activated stiffeners and toe puffs to upper and lining material. The competent standardisation committee is working committee NA 062-10-11 AA "Footwear" within the DIN standards committee for materials testing (Normenausschuss Materialprüfung, NMP).

The relevant changes compared to the predecessor version DIN EN ISO 20863:2005-03 are:
a) reference leather L 1 is included
b) number of specimens to be prepared is specified
c) editorial modifications according to the most up-to-date regulations

The new standard can be pre-ordered from the Beuth website.

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